It is well-recognized that easily identified learning disabilities have nothing to do with a child’s or student’s intelligence, or their desire to learn; but rather they have much more to do with specific conditions which are often easily overcome by applying the right teaching approach and the appropriate services.

Prior to engaging a Special Needs Tutor a parent should have an understanding (based on an evaluation and district classification or IEP) of the child or student’s special educational or learning needs. Special Needs Tutor are people trained to understand the nature of a classification, and the requirements of an IEP or 504. They should be able to work with you, your child’s teacher and your district’s special education department to provide a supplemental learning program that will reinforce the school’s program and enhance it with the kind of enriched learning that will allow your child to achieve their highest possible goals.

Once the needs are identified the parent should review the credentials of the tutor and discuss the methodology, learning plan, and how that plan will integrate with and support the school’s program. Coordination with the student’s teacher(s) should also be a component of the tutoring plan.

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